Get Your Vehicle Summer Ready

Tips to getting your off-road vehicle ready for summer camping The cold is nearly on its way out and warmer weather is fast approaching. It’s time to give your 4x4 or RV much needed attention. The hectic Australian winters can take their toll on our cars, which means that when the cold weather subsides, we need to give our vehicles some serious TLC.You want your heavy-duty 4x4 to be in tip top shape to ensure it’s in peak driving condition. We have a few tips to help.Spring clean ...

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Perth Caravan And Camping Show

Well it is that time of year, that’s right “Perth Caravan And Camping Show” time. So between 16/3/2016 until 20/03/2016 you know where ORE will be.This year will be Off Road Equipment (ORE)’s biggest show ever with sensational representation on a large number of prominent products that are leaders in the industry. ORE will only sell reliable, proven products that they have used themselves at length on one of the many trips that they do with “Campfire Escapes”, another company tha...

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Adjusting your tyre pressure for your 4WD to suit different terrains.

Enjoy a smoother ride and save wear & tear on your 4WD’s tyres by applying the right pressures As seasoned campers we know how important it is for your vehicle to have the correct tyre pressures for the different terrains that you venture on. The importance of using correct tyre pressures Having the correct tyre pressure is like the human body’s blood pressure. If it’s not correct then your body does not function properly. Incorrect tyre pressure can raise a multitude of issues when...

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7 Step Trailer Inspection Checklist

Enjoy a safe road trip by inspecting your trailer first with our step by step guide Trailers, camper trailers and caravans are like cars and need to be maintained and serviced. There is no point in servicing your vehicle before the big trip, leaving, and then finding that half the unit’s parts you are towing is spread around the country because nobody checked it before the trip.The inspection is not difficult and can be performed in your own driveway by following a simple step by step pro...

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Don’t let a puncture ruin your 4WD trip

The correct knowledge and the right repair kit will ensure a speedy repair of any puncture Tyres are obviously an important part of driving your 4WD, and as such when they go down you are usually a little annoyed and rightly so. They are bloody expensive and who really knows which ones to get? Everyone has an opinion, which will no doubt be voiced around the campfire that night, or at the very least while you repair your flat tyre.Most punctures are repairable so at the very least you can g...

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Best Camping Spots in Western Australia

Western Australia is a land of immense outdoor beauty. It is also incredibly vast, covering an area of approximate 2,529,875km². If that number doesn’t impress you, maybe this fact will – The United Kingdom would fit into WA just over 10 times.If you’re going to visit some of the natural wonders, you’re going to have to travel, sometimes thousands of kilometres, so it’s best that you bring your tent and outdoor equipment with you.Camping in Western Australia is as good, if not...

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