Do you have workshop facilities?

Off Road Equipment have a fully equipped workshop with experienced fitters to take care of your vehicles requirements. From suspension to bullbars, electric brakes and dual battery systems, we have the experience to install a huge range of quality products.

Can I leave my vehicle with you?

We have many fly in fly out customers who leave there vehicle with us to be worked on while they are away. It gives you the option of having all of your work done while you’re away, and enjoying the rewards when you get home.

Are the bullbars you supply air bag compatible and ADR approved?

The short answer is yes. It important to ensure your frontal protection is both air bag approved and ADR compliant. Failure to do so may void an insurance claim, cause damage to the vehicle itself, or be potentially dangerous to pedestrians and other vehicles.

Why should I buy form an independent retailer?

We have access to a huge range of products not normally stocked by “chain stores”. We also have access to most major brands. We work hard to get the best price, and pass that on to our customers while maintaining a small business approach to customer service.

What pressure should I run my Polyair air bags at?

Coil series (red bags) are designed for pressures between 5 and 30 psi. As a general rule, whilst unloaded keep your bags at 5 psi. This helps them hold their place in the coils without interfering with your standard ride. When the vehicle is loaded, you can go up to 30 psi, but this will vary depending on the weight of your load. Have enough pressure in them to assist the spring to hold it at your unloaded height.

Bellows (leaf sprung vehicles) are a heavy duty spring assisting air bag system. These can be run between 10 and 100 psi. We suggest keeping 10 to 20 psi in them while not carrying a load, as the bellows air bags generally replace your bump stops. When carrying substantial load, these bags can accommodate a maximum pressure of 100 psi. Once again, vary this to your travelling conditions.

*Polyair airbags and bellows will not increase your GVM or towing capacity.

Do I need electric brakes when towing?

If the caravan or trailer is fitted with electric brakes, and it exceeds 750kg gross, then you must fit an electric brake unit. Off Road Equipment stock Redarc and Hayman Reese electric brake units. Both brands have developed remote head units for ease of fitment to newer vehicles.

What solar panel do I need?

When talking about charging of batteries, you need to look at the problem in reverse. We need to work out what current you are drawing from the battery, to know what needs to be put back in. Using this information, we will be able to determine what panel will suit your requirements best. One of our team members will be happy to discuss your requirements.