Manuel Gomes

Dear Dayna,

Just a quick note to personally thank you and your team at ORE. I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone. From the first moment I spoke to you, nothing was ever too much for you to arrange, regardless of whether or not it had anything to do with the products or services you offered. In this day and age it is a rarity finding customer service at this level, especially when you are dealing with someone like me, who has no knowledge on the subject matter.

Thanks again for everything and for making my job easy. I can honestly say you did everything.


Hi Mike,

Things are great.

No sure if you remember, but you found a Boab 40ltr water tank (the one that sits on the floor behind the front seats) just in time for our Pilbara / Karijini road trap. It was perfect.

It kept the centre of gravity nice and low / centred, as opposed to jerries on the roof. Central, in my view, to the car finding all four wheels after a near-roll over on the Nanutarra-Tom Price gravel road. Passenger side off the ground, 180 degree spin, girlfriend freaking out while airborne (I was not airborne, because the driver’s stayed on the ground). Came to a rest with slightly soiled undies and a popped tyre of a freshly buckled rim.

Anyway, long story short, had the 40 litres of water (i.e. 40 kgs) of water been on the roof, I think the story would have had a different ending. So, thanks for having arranged it so quickly before I left.

And it also kept the water cool and easy to access our either rear passenger door. I connected hoses to each end of the tank, with retic taps and fittings. $30 including the proper blue drinking hose, and a couple of hours. Almost looks as good as a job you fellas would have done. Except I bet you don’t puncture an 8mm hole in your hand with a flat blade screw driver trying to force a 13mm hose clamp over a 12mm hose. No, didn’t think so.

Speak soon mate.