4WD Weekends out of Perth


New 3rd Edition 14 Wonderful Weekend Adventures

After completing all the trips in 4WD Days out of Perth then onto Weekends Away.
Includes info on Driving Tips & Navigation by GPS
  • A Southern Stroll
  • Mount Palmer
  • Cape to Cape
  • Wheatbelt Outcrops
  • Down Nannup
  • Ninghan
  • Around the Warren
  • Hatter Hill
  • Cervantes to Lake Indoon
  • Rothsay
  • North O’Ninghan
  • Fish Creek
  • Kadji Kadji to Coalseam
  • Follow the Frankland
  • A Kent River Caper
  • Great Southern River
  • A Donnelly Dawdle
  • The Mighty Blackwood

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