ARB Portable Compressor in Box (CKMP12)

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Featuring a hard anodised cylinder bore and a Teflon impregnated carbon fibre piston seal for reduced friction and maximum trouble free life. Coming with a 6 metre air hose and battery clips, the kit includes all the necessary fittings to inflate tyres and camping or leisure gear.

Portable 12V DC air compressor with 6m (20ft) tyre inflation hose
Class leading flow rate
Sealed for moisture and dust resistance
Hard anodised cylinder bore for reduced friction
Teflon impregnated carbon fibre piston seal for maximum trouble free life
Anodised mounting bracket dissipates motor heat
Quality components for quiet operation and extra long life
Constructed entirely of lightweight, high strength engineering grade materials
Over-pressure safety valve equipped
Motor is internally thermal protected against extreme temperature damage
Heavy duty maxi-fuse equipped for professional in-line circuit protection
Conveniently mounted in a durable carry case


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