Rated number one, best HID Spot by 4WD Action the 50w HID literally blew all other driving lights away with shattering performance that set new standards in the commercial truck and the heavy duty 4WD scene. Developed for long distance drivers who demand the best performance from their lights, your search is over.
Distinctive red anodised bulb holder.
Easy install with Integral ballast all installed within the housing.
Available in either 12v (13.5v) or 24v (27v) operation, specify when ordering.
A phenomenal 5200 lumen output, an impressive 62% increase over conventional 35w HID.
Produces over double the intensity of the standard 35w HID light.
LIGHT OUTPUT | 1 lux @ > 1500+ m
4200°k Colour temperature.
European manufactured Gen 5 ballast with complete testing approvals and comprehensive certification.
3000 hours rated bulb life. (based on standard switching cycle)


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