Ridepro Suspension


ROX Img1290wShocksª Classic by Ridepro¨  ROX Shocksª Classic by Ridepro¨ is a division of ATECO Automotive Pty Ltd, a major distributor in Australia of automobiles and 4WD accessories. We have developed a range of4WD suspension products to satisfy the most demanding four wheelers worldwide.   Four key issues were targeted, namely FUNCTIONALITY, PERFORMANCE QUALITY and DURABILITY.   FUNCTION relates to the evaluation of a vehicle and its suspension characteristics. Our aim is improve the PERFORMANCE of the vehicle. PERFORMANCE relates to the ride quality, handling off-road ability and load carrying capacity of the vehicle. Increase suspension travel, improved ride comfort, better handling on-road, improved traction off-road and more stable and better controlled load carrying are our aims – “Make a good 4WD better”.   QUALITY of a high standard is demanded by discerning four-wheel drivers worldwide. ROX Shocksª by Ridepro¨ brings to the marker place a superior range of 4WD suspension products.   DURABILITY is perhaps the most important consideration for ROX Shocksª by Ridepro¨. Every product in the range has been extensively tested so we know that you can have every confidence in your purchase.   ROX Shocksª by Ridepro¨ offers a 2-year/ 40,000km warranty covering faulty material or workmanship on all ROX Shocksª by Ridepro¨ products.

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