Tyre Guard Tyre Monitors


The TYREGUARD 400 TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) is a unique electronic safety system for monitoring air pressure and temperature in tyres. It consists of simple easy-to-install, screw on sensors and a hand-held monitor. Fixed to the tyre valve, each sensor monitors the air pressure and temperature inside the tyre, and then transmits the air pressure and temperature information to the monitor. This information is then graphically illustrated on the monitor screen and the operator can scroll through the data for each individual tyre. The driver or passenger can read the specific data of each tyre’s air pressure and temperature parameters displayed on the screen. An audible alarm will sound and the red LED light will flash should the tyre pressure and/or temperature vary markedly from each tyre’s targeted air and temperature settings. The TPMS will monitor the air pressure and temperature of up to 22 tyres with a pressure range of 0 to 145 psi and sensors within 7.6 meters of the device 16 meters with the use of a signal Booster.


Each sensor/tyre can be individually set to the individual pressure you wish to operate in the respective tyres. For example, if you wish to run 64psi in the rear duals and 45psi in the front steer tyres, these pressures can be set on your monitor after you have ensured these same pressures have been placed in the respective tyres. The sensors can be placed on any tyre at any time, but ensure you realign the specific sensor to the specific tyre once it has been placed on the respective valve. If you need to take the sensors off the valves for any reason, ensure they are replaced on the same valve to avoid the need to realign same.


This system has several warning notifications which advise low / high pressure, slow / rapid leak and high temperature. These will appear on the screen and via an audible alarm and red LED light flashing. In order to avoid the traffic accidents caused by the high or low air pressure, high temperature or leakage of the tyres, the monitoring system will flash and alarm to remind the driver to give the responding check and treatment to the tyres in time in case the tyres have high or low air pressure, leak age, high temperature, the battery has low voltage, or there are something wrong with the sensor, etc. Besides, by the adoption of advanced sensor and microprocessor, this system possesses the features of high reliability, little error, small size and light weight.


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