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Off Road Equipment offers you the choice to shop in the comfort of your own home with our 4×4 accessories online shop. Browse our huge range of gear and equipment below or contact us for more information.

  • Air compressor & tyre equipment

We offer a wide range of products and equipment from different brands to manage your air pressure and tyres.

  • Howling moon

Manufactured in South Africa, Howling Moon is a leader in their field and uses only the best textiles to produce high-quality tents, awnings, gazebos and lapas.

  • Awnings

Protect yourself and your camping gear from the harsh elements by investing in an awning. We stock only the best Rhino Rack and Howling Moon awnings in our store.

  • Bull bars

Off Road Equipment carries the widest range of bull bars Perth has to offer. Protect your passengers and your vehicle with the ultimate bull bar selection. We stock a wide range of bull bars from leading brands that Perth 4WD drivers have trusted for many years.

  • Camping gear

With the right camping gear, you can make your life so much easier when you’re in the outback. Browse our 4×4 online shop with its wide range of camping gear section to find what you need.

  • Communications

When you’re driving around, the best way to communicate with your 4×4 friends is by radio. We stock top quality UHF Radios and antennas.

  • Dual battery systems

At Off Road Equipment, we stock a wide range of dual-battery systems from leading brands to ensure you are never left in the dark. With a dual battery kit, you have the added advantage of increased power on demand. Check out Perth’s favourite off road online store.

  • Portable fridges

With advancing technology, camping is no longer a simplistic trip back to nature. Nowadays, we want the best of both worlds – getting close to nature, whilst enjoying the luxuries of home. Make sure your food stays cool with one of our top-of-the-line fridges.

  • Camp lighting & spotlights

With our diverse range of lighting, there’s no need for you to be in the dark during your 4×4 adventure. Order your 4×4 accessories online, it’s easy, convenient and affordable.

  • Long range tanks

Long Range Automotive uses the latest technology to design long range fuel tanks that are the most suitable shape for a specific vehicle, allowing you to travel further without filling up.

  • Bull bars & protection gear

We believe that safety comes first whether you’re driving on or off-road. Check out our range of protective gear to keep your family safe.

  • Recovery equipment

Although you don’t want to think about it, you might get stuck somewhere off-road so you’ll need recovery gear with you. We sell only the best gear to make your life a bit easier. Purchase all your off road equipment online for maximum convenience.

  • Roof racks

We are Perth’s leading independent specialists for Rhino roof racks, 4WD awnings, and Tracklander racks, and we are well placed to advise you on the most appropriate roof racks or carriers for your needs.

  • Roof top tents

If you’re looking for a quality rooftop tent for your 4×4, we stock Howling Moon roof top tents.

  • 4WD snorkels

Protect your engine from the hazards of dust and water commonly encountered in touring and off road driving.

  • 4WD storage units & draw systems

Whether you need a water tank, canopy or space case, take a look at our  4WD draw systems and storage units.

  • 4WD suspension & shock absorbers

Designed for superior performance across all terrains, Off Road Equipment stocks the widest range of durable shock absorbers Perth offers, so you can explore the bush without worrying about being stranded by a poor suspension system.

  • Camper trailers

Off Road Equipment is a Western Australian distributor of Cub Camper Trailers – the ultimate in minimal camping – and a major Australian manufacturer of quality camper trailers built for the toughest outback conditions.


Buy all your 4WD gear and 4×4 equipment and accessories online. Contact us for more information.