Camps Australia Wide #9


This is the 9th Edition of Camps Australia Wide, one of Australia’s most comprehensive guides to free, low cost camping and unique out of the way camping sites throughout Australia.

To improve and simplify the layout on the maps and make them less crowded and therefore easier to read, we have redesigned the icons used to indicate the sites position and number. The indexing is state by state, found at the front of the campsite listing.

Camps 9 goes above and beyond previous editions with more free and low cost campsites, caravan parks, station stays, national parks and rest areas around Australia.

Everything a traveller needs to know about each site can be easily found by simply looking at the descriptive icons and symbols. These show rules and facilities such as toilets, maximum rigs, maximum stay allowed, dump point, pets allowed, fees applicable, mobile phone coverage and site access details.

Camps 9 is great value for money. After just a few nights of camping the savings you make will outweigh the cost of the book, and the time it saves is priceless.

Being able to plan a trip with stopovers that are free or low cost, knowing if pets are welcome and seeing facility availability at a glance, this book has proven to be a hit across Australia. Its easy to see why Camps guides are regarded as the travellers bible.


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